for ABESTWEB members: ”Take Control of your Love Life”
Valentine’s Day marketing tool

Here’s a Demo:

About This Presentation:

IThe Tulip Ecommerce app is a new concept in on-line marketing.  A virtual salesman accompanies your visitors on a “Guided Tour” of merchants, while entertaining them, and gently coaxing them to buy!

The Tulip Ecommerce app includes a customized “minisite”, with animation data that has your commission tracking codes embedded (your Comission Junction “PID” ) , so you get the commissions from all of the sales that Tulip helps generate from your site.

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Here’s another implementation:

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Take Control of your Love Life!
in Streaming 3D!

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CJ PID* (if you need help with this, look below)

We reserve the right to refuse any applicant, for any reason at all, at our sole discretion.

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By clicking below, I indicate that I have read and I ACCEPT the Tulip License Agreement.

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What’s my “PID”?
Your “PID” is the code used to track your commissions. You can see it at the top of the “Get Html” pages at CJ.

What’s the Animation Url for?
The “Love Life” presentation uses a common “viral marketing” technique, a “tell-a-friend” script. The “Animation Url” you provide will be put in the email that’s sent when a user recommends the animation to a friend. So, it should be the page on your site that will contain the animation, or a page that has a link to it, or whatever page you’d like to get the “word of mouth” traffic to.